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Pastel study on sugar paper

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Multicultural Centre Murals

These images are of some murals I did for a ‘multicultural centre’ during a residency in a school in the UK.  On the staircase you would encounter sculpture from Ghana and Nigeria, and as you climbed you were introduced to Wayang Kulit shadow puppets and various other cultural ambassadors in silhouette. These were punctuated by full colour acrylic pieces such as this one based on a sculpture from the ‘Africa Explores’ exhibition at Tate Gallery Liverpool. 

During the residency I also created  a site-specific sculpture for the school library. Working with books destined for the skip, I photocopied and enlarged pertinent passages from literary sources and pasted them inside the books, their jackets painted bright colours. I fixed the pages open at various states and attached tiger-tail nylon thread. I then hung a shelf and arranged the books so the ideas therein would ‘take flight’ from the shelves to inspire young minds. Voila! a little installation hanging above the heads of readers hopefully too engrossed in a book to notice…

murals of a West African sculpture
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Shoot Liverpool @ Tate

‘Shoot Liverpool’ photography scavenger hunt project at Tate Gallery Liverpool – four hours, nine themes. The cryptic questions were responded to in the form of photographic images by teams of artists. These were judged by a panel and presented to our peers at the end of the day.

The day was hectic and fun as we ran around the city spotting locations, coming up with concepts, gathering props and shooting our images.

Our group ‘Trashbat’ (in an homage to Nathan Barley) won ‘Best Image’ for ‘This street tastes citric.’ This dada-inspired series depicts one of our group flinging himself into a ‘Happening’ in the street.  His face contorted, dressed in a locally sourced, delightfully acid green dancer’s apparel/chav-wear velour ensemble.  The image we chose to display included the bemused car park attendant from across the road, who ambled over to us to investigate the strange activity occurring.  Little did he know that he would end up being exhibited at the Tate Gallery, as I persuaded him to join in by throwing limes at the performer, his citrus-hued jacket adding to the urban spectacle.

The resulting group exhibition private view was held at Tate Liverpool, with the exhibition of images running in the Gallery for five days.

Clues were as follows:
Q1. This tower presides over the city in both sound and sight.

Radio City Tower
A. Radio City tower, air guitar to the soundwaves

Q2. The big birds on this building have beady eyes, be it to see the sailors coming in from sea or glimpse the glint of the pint glass.

Liver Building
A. Liver Building (Liver Bird souvenir shown in a pint glass)

Q3. This street tastes citric.

Lime Street
A. Lime Street (green clad performer in the street)

Q4. Keep your eyes open for this gallery.

Open Eye Gallery
A. Open Eye Gallery (framed portrait)

Q5. This street is music to the ears of Beatles fans.

Mathew St.
A. Mathew Street (fake severed ear and Beatles fan)

Q6. Taste minus ‘s’ gives us a feast for all the senses this weekend.
A. Tate (not pictured)

Q7. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Super Lamb Banana
Iconic Super Lamb Banana sculpture smothered by hands

Q8. Out of sight, out of mind.
A. (not pictured)

Q9. What’s your sixth sense?
A. Ladbrokes bookmakers (not pictured)

Below is a gallery of images from the day, the private view and exhibition.

Africa architecture art Drawing Morocco

Marrakech Sketch

India ink, coloured pencil, pastel, wash on watercolour cartridge