Government / Public Sector

I Want 2 B

Design, branding, IA : print, web

Led inspirational and targeted branding development of ‘I Want 2 B...’, a young people’s education & career pathways project for Learning and Skills Council.

This included creative direction for print and online campaigns, based around a bright ‘cut-out’ theme, both alluding to users’ aspirations of being ‘cut-out’ for various careers, and also to give a fresh and approachable appeal towards teenagers who may have been intimidated by a more corporate-looking government campaign.

Also involved in co-development of information architecture and template design for website.

I want 2 b site

Information Commissioner

Design, storyboarding: web

Site design and development of interactive animations to explain complex issues surrounding data protection to make accessible and engaging for audiences what is often considered a dry subject.

Information Comissioner's Office site

East Lothian Council

Information Architecture : web

Consulted on requirements and developed information architecture for ‘Easyweb’ strategy to create a streamlined interface for essential services to reach those not comfortable with technology. Ensured site-wide adherance to strict accessibility standards.


Information Architecture, design : print, web

Created detailed design and information architecture for ‘Academies’ online space to facilitate collaborative working, document storage and retrieval. Ensured the interface was compact and easy to understand, utilising tabs and colour coding to aid cognition, providing an elegant solution to presentation of information, and access to a contextual toolset.

Academies collaborative working spaceAcademies

Liverpool City Council

Information Architecture, design : web

Developed information architecture to accommodate modular content, and interface to ‘Autonomy’ knowledge management application, creating a rich ‘walled garden’ learning environment for new City Learning Centres.

Directed design team in creation of flexible templates and a variety of different ‘skins’ for personalisation of individual user view dashboards. Led usability and testing sessions with groups of youths.

City Learning Centre skin 1City Learning Centre skin 2

Port Cities

Information Architecture, design : web

This project was for a consortium drawing together five agencies from across Britain, (including Bristol City Council and National Maritime Museum, London.)

Responsible for liaison on-site with all stakeholders across the country, I worked closely with them to define requirements and produce a solution to accommodate their individual needs.

Created an overarching new brand identity for an archiving/educational project, to display online the extensive collections, and new interpretive material created to support the source materials. Created the brand and visual branding elements for sub-brands, and followed the project through to site delivery, directing information architecture and detailed template design.

The site design enabled ease of navigation, search and retrieval of information, and cross referencing, with support for display of text and multimedia in flexible templates.

Port Cities homepageLondon portcitiesPortcities Branding imagery