Art Gallery / Museum Sector

Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester

Design, Consultancy, Content Authoring

I drew on my passion for art history and cultural theory, and my gallery education experience to create the two most popular websites in the Whitworth Art Gallery's history for major exhibitions COTTON: Global Threads and Dark Matters.

I created lively and engaging articles, producing photography and audio-visual materials exploring the exhibition artworks, themes and events. I interviewed artists and curators, designing interpretive materials to aid understanding and encourage further enquiry. I proactively worked across departments to draw together and present up-to-date information and raise awareness using social media outlets.

COTTON:Global Threads exhibitionCOTTON:Global Threads exhibitionCOTTON:Global Threads exhibitionDark Matters exhibitionDark Matters exhibition

Young Tate Projects, Tate Gallery Liverpool

Design, Information Architecture, Content Authoring

I was instrumental in creating an innovative Tate Gallery website project, collaborating with Amaze Ltd and Tate Gallery Liverpool's education department. This project drew upon years of voluntary work as a Young Tate workshop facilitator and peer educator working with the public in gallery workshops, facilitating dialogues around contemporary art and ideas.

I assumed the lead in this project conceptualizing and producing content, working with programmers to realize technical aspects. The website was based around a tryptich from Richard Hamilton exploring the Troubles in Northern Ireland. I approached this subject matter by producing material to raise questions and encourage engagement with the themes in a number of creative ways. These included interactive digital art pieces involving textual responses to aspects of the formal, conceptual and contextual, distilled into haiku and further experimental formats. The structure also was carefully considered to encourage exploration in a polylinear way, and visual cues relating to the work's themes were created.

This innovative website was documented as an example of Tate Gallery's forward-thinking approach to museum education in the University of Liverpool published bookTesting the Water: Young People and Galleries, (2000, Horlock, Ed.) a publication to which I contributed a case study.

Further projects included the creation of the first Young Tate workshop facilitators' course, developed on the back of my many years of peer education experience at Tate Liverpool, and study of principles of andragogy. I was active in the authoring and delivery of the course to train peer educators, which in turn continued to be developed and is still being run today and adopted by Tate locations in London.

Following Young Tate, as a freelance artist for Tate I continued to facilitate workshops, working with public, including young people, families and community groups in gallery and outreach contexts, to encourage inquiry, communication and engagement with modern and contemporary art.

Testing the Water: Young People and GalleriesTesting the Water: Young People and Galleries