Other Projects

What Delicate Recordings.

Design, branding : print, web

Created branding, photography, print design for promotion, blog-style website and various social media presences for marketing to target audiences, for arthouse band ‘Condor Moments’ on this New York-based label.

Created branding, photography and graphic design for promoting arthouse band ‘Condor Moments’ on this New York-based label. Led art direction, photography and layout artwork for first album ‘And though we’re told we’ve got it all, the all we’ve got is freezing cold’. I also contributed vocals to the album.

Developed blog-style website and utilised social networking for marketing to target audiences. Currently working on website and design for solo artist Richy Midnight.

FlyerRichy MidnightCondors album artcondors siteCondor Moments CDCondors album artCondor Moments album art

The London List

Design, Information Architecture : web

Design and information architecture to create a stylish, minimalist visual presence for London-based fashion designer directory.

The London List websiteLondon List detail

Escola de Samba de Liverpool

Design, branding : print, web

As an active member of this successful Liverpool-based samba band for eight years, with over eight hundred events under its glittery belt, I have produced branding, a variety of print work, website, blog and social networking presences.

This marketing has directly resulted in a steady stream of high profile gigs, including BBC and ITV television programmes and celebrity weddings.

flyerpostersamba site

Houses of Parliament

Photography, design : print

Commissioned for photography and design of seasonal greetings cards used by UK Members of Parliament, including (now Prime Minister) Gordon Brown.

Images used in a print-on-demand system to send to constituents.

Houses of Parliament xmas cardhouses of parliament xmas card 2