Information Architecture, Design : Mobile application

C-Phone ‘iDial’ is an innovative product for handheld mobile platform, designed to support older users with minor visual and motor skill problems and to provide communication support for individuals with a broad range of impairments or conditions including Altzheimers and cerebral palsy.

Led art direction on all elements of graphical interface design from initial concept to product introduction to the marketplace.

Co-authored information architecture. Focused on making essential features and processes simple and intuitive, such as pressing an image of the contact’s face to call them.

Removed feature ‘bloat’ and streamlined the interface. Ensured enough screen real estate was afforded for large text sizes and clear graphic buttons with high contrast, as this solution was commercially targeted towards those unable or unwilling to deal with tiny buttons, small screens and complex menus.

C-Phone GUI C-Phone GUI C-Phone GUIC-Phone GUI