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Brazilian Day in LA

So much fun being back amongst the glitter and feathers, preparing for a samba parade! This time I was on the other side of the camera, instead of playing percussion with the bateria as I used to back in the UK,  as I was the official photographer covering Brazilian Day LA for organizers Samba Lá and the Brazilian Consulate in LA.  The event in Hancock Park was bigger than ever with two parades, a raft of performances and busy stalls selling authentic regional street food, and everything from Havaianas to  Contemporanea drums and ‘fio dental’ bikinis.

Renni Flores and Katia Moraes were such fun hosts with boundless energy and humour, singing numbers in Portuguese including the specially-created enredo (parade song) and presenting a really impressive array of performers. On stage were Capoeira masters to samba kids, cheeky Carmen Miranda dancers, and more with the bateria of Samba Lá sounding really tight, and samba and forró bands leading the partying all day with impromptu dance instruction.

Photography-wise there was so much to capture my eye – everyone’s costumes were exquisite for the big parade,  with popular sartorial choices for the crowd being confections in the patriotic yellow, green and blue flag.

The beautiful musa, madrinha, reinha, princesas and their consorts were such fun with the crowd and the elegant porta bandeira, the mestre-sala with the million dollar smile, and sunny tia baianas and passistas made the parade such a joy to photograph. The atmosphere took me right back to Rio’s Sambodromo during carnaval!

All the photos are up on the official site at Thanks to  David de Hilster and all involved, Can’t wait for next year! Images have also been used by the Page Museum, Los Angeles for their offical website, and their blog.

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Condor Moments CD release

Playing on the ‘straight to the bargain bin’ concept, I used an Oxfam charity shop as a backdrop for the new album release by Condor Moments, featuring cover art by artists Rachel Lowther, Alex Baggaley and myself.

‘And Though We’re Told We Have It All, The All We Have Is Freezing Cold’ by Condor Moments, Released by What Delicate Recordings, New York, actually is to be found in record shops and  available on iTunes

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Condors concept art

Concept art for Blackpool based arthouse band Condor Moments, signed by New York label What Delicate Recordings. Some delightful elements inspired by their music…
Come Dancing / neon / net curtains / Weimar burlesque / fish, chips and mushy peas / Otto Dix / dayglo stars / nausea / lithographs / tacky souvenirs / neon / sticky rock / Punch and Judy / lager louts / classical symphonies / fetishism / disappointment / the Muppet Show / bingo / hyperbole / Wurlitzer organs

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Faust in my House

Stan Ambrose
Stan Ambrose
Faust by F.W. Murnau, 1926

My apartment in Liverpool has an interesting claim to fame – as recording studio! The peculiar acoustics of the high ceilings and large windows of the old converted brick structure added a unique quality to the sound, as a specially commissioned new soundtrack was recorded in my living room.

Stan Ambrose is a lovely gentleman and accomplished musician, also known for playing harp in local bohemian cafés in Liverpool such as the Green Fish and Egg Café & Gallery. Quite the cinephile, he was delighted when approached to create a new interpretation of the 1926 silent classic ‘Faust’ from  F.W. Murnau. The beautiful improvised soundtrack he created in response to the film was featured in Masters of Cinema’s DVD release as a special feature.

Watching him play reminded me that the concept of ‘Silent movies’ really is interesting, as the films in their day were always shown with evocative live music – and were anything but silent!

The photos I took of Stan during his performance were published in the booklet inside the DVD packaging.