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Zillij laser-cut suite

Traditional 'zillij' tile design inspired this print suite for a beautiful destination wedding in Marrakech

Traditional ‘zillij’ tile design inspired this print suite for a beautiful destination wedding in Marrakech.

I created a custom logo for the happy couple using a ‘Khamsa’ or ‘Hand of Fatima’ motif. This symbol is considered auspicious in Moroccan folklore – paired with an ampersand, it represented our best wishes for the newlyweds, and provides a visual nod towards the traditional henna worn by the bridal party.  I employed a colour palette that would complement the Atlas roses, metallic accents and dusky pink environs.

The full commission encompassed a variety of card stock items, invitations with laser-cut sleeves, acrylic accessories, wayfinding and signage, stickers and corresponding website.

Personalised wedding favours for all of the guests
Wedding favours with custom print and laser-cut acrylic design
wedding favours with custom print and laser cut acrylic design
Artisan wedding favours with custom print and laser cut acrylic design
custom wedding design - table markers
Co-ordinating table markers
custom wedding design - table markers
order of service
Order of proceedings cards
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Zillij collage

Zillij collage, artist Liza Lemsatef CunninghamDiptych paper cut collage from my sketchbook featuring found imagery from advertising, a traditional domestic riad interior and the female form.

Playing with notions of traditional gender roles, identity and interrupted contiguity. Influenced by traditional Moroccan zillij tessellated tile patterns and forms used as wooden screens forming a membrane  between the private and the public sphere.

Selected for exhibition ‘It’s Your Show’ at UCLA Westwood, California

Zillij collage, exhibition view

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La Mamounia Hospitality

Les dattes
Les dattes
Such beautiful pattern and texture – Medjool dates radiating outward on a vintage brass platter. Simple, striking and a welcome surprise at the hotel favoured by Winston Churchill, rediscovered by a new generation of visitors to Marrakech. A visual feast for a weary traveller served up with almond milk.

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Moroccan Packaging Design


A few photos from the local Acima supermarché in El Jadida – Some striking colour, pattern and print quality to be found on the shelves – I love how Moroccan appreciation for geometry and calligraphy manifests into flipped diamond shapes, honeyed hexagons and smart typography. Henry’s, so nostalgic -as a child I remember trips back from the local épicerie sharing a packet of these little malted milk biscuits in their shiny wrapper…

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African-Inspired Bedroom

Click image for more details

With this makeover I wanted to create a room with a warm and exciting feel, I used Yoruba and Ashanti West African-style fabrics with pieces from North Africa and threw in some vintage finds for an eclectic room full of colour and texture.

I have spent a lot of time in North Africa as I am half-Moroccan, and my home growing up was filled with West African art as my parents travelled there often, so a cosy room with these influences makes me feel both at  home and inspired.

West African sculpture on sale in the medina
West African sculpture on sale in the medina

I love waking up to the punchy pink colour every morning, after painting this room I discovered this honeysuckle shade is the 2011 Pantone colour of the year!

I hope to add some of my West African art treasures from back home when I get hold of them. I also plan to display some enlarged photography pieces of mine and my husband’s – particularly some images from the souks in Marrakech,  for centuries a meeting place of cultural influences and trade between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

I came across an exciting fabric find at a yard sale, turns out the lady selling it had Yoruba heritage, and the pieces are vintage.  I plan to make a runner or bedspread together with the yards of Kente and wax print fabric I acquired downtown at Ashanti Fabrics.

Liverpool Morocco photography


Experimenting with faking a tilt shift lens effect for that peculiar toytown aesthetic. Fun with Photoshop,  or you can use the little online app at TiltShift Maker and see all the other fun fakery over there.

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Double Rainbow OMG

Cascades d'Ouzoud
Cascades d’Ouzoud
A composite image made from several photos of the Cascades d’Ouzoud, a couple of hours away from Marrakech, Morocco.  The waterfalls created a beautiful rainbow, way below you can see the tiny pedal boats we sat in to draw near to the waterfall and catch the mist on our faces…

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Marrakech Sketch

India ink, coloured pencil, pastel, wash on watercolour cartridge