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Season’s Greetings from Big Ben

(yes I know Big Ben is actually the name of the bell, and not the clock tower) Anyway

A rainy night for a commission, I was glad the streets were wet and brought up such interesting reflections to play with, even though my assistant and I got soaked battling the wind with an umbrella and keeping the tripod steady on a traffic filled bridge…

I used exposure bracketing to ensure the illuminated clock face wasn’t blown out, and set long exposures to capture light trails  from passing buses and the movement of people to add to the bustling feel. I then layered images of festive lights taken at home as the iconic lamp posts lining the bridge were actually out of action and being repaired, necessitating  a generous dollop of festive artistic license.

The finished Christmas card designs were used for the UK Houses of Parliament, in their MP print on demand system to send to constituents.


Iron Mermaiden

Behold, Iron Mermaiden, runners-up in the Lesser Moons of Jupiter’s Got Talent Competition, Summer 3008. Yes their underground system is archaic, and strangely familiar…

Face paint and MAC pigments with gems and glitter, elements of glam rock and barnacle encrusted mythology.

Costume made with plastic jewellery, shells and aquarium accessories layered with rock paraphenalia.