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Getty manuscript example

St Patrick & Ancient Inspiration

I have always been fascinated by medieval illuminated manuscripts not just for the amazing painted miniatures and flourishes but also for the …

Liverpool show

Exhibiting in Liverpool

An exhibition of a series of mine and my husband Chris’ photography is currently on show in Maya Liverpool, UK. Fifteen A3 …



A three aspect portrait of the same subject, from when I used to paint more than photograph. Alla prima, on gesso-primed board.



Experimenting with faking a tilt shift lens effect for that peculiar toytown aesthetic. Fun with Photoshop,  or you can use the little …

Scan 23

Ancient Murals Uncovered

…Well, ancient scans of ancient murals. Ancient being from around 1995, anyway. These images were from some dusty negs I found from …

Lime Street

Shoot Liverpool @ Tate

‘Shoot Liverpool’ photography scavenger hunt project at Tate Gallery Liverpool – four hours, nine themes. The cryptic questions were responded to in …

Stan Ambrose

Faust in my House

My apartment in Liverpool has an interesting claim to fame – as recording studio! The peculiar acoustics of the high ceilings and …

aa chinese_Ellelens

Gung Hei Fat Choi

As Liverpool has one of Europe’s oldest Chinese populations, the lunar new year celebration each year is always a colorful, noisy and …

Panobook 2009

Panoramas in Print

One of my composite images ‘Bombed-out Church’ was chosen to be featured in the inaugural Panobook  by Kolor, the clever French software house …