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Condor Moments CD release

Playing on the ‘straight to the bargain bin’ concept, I used an Oxfam charity shop as a backdrop for the new album release by Condor Moments, featuring cover art by artists Rachel Lowther, Alex Baggaley and myself.

‘And Though We’re Told We Have It All, The All We Have Is Freezing Cold’ by Condor Moments, Released by What Delicate Recordings, New York, actually is to be found in record shops and  available on iTunes

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Condors concept art

Concept art for Blackpool based arthouse band Condor Moments, signed by New York label What Delicate Recordings. Some delightful elements inspired by their music…
Come Dancing / neon / net curtains / Weimar burlesque / fish, chips and mushy peas / Otto Dix / dayglo stars / nausea / lithographs / tacky souvenirs / neon / sticky rock / Punch and Judy / lager louts / classical symphonies / fetishism / disappointment / the Muppet Show / bingo / hyperbole / Wurlitzer organs